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Edenic deals Pakistan is here to the rescue!

We will not allow Amazon account suspensions to be the end of your sales career. Of course, restoring the sales rights is a difficult task, but it is certainly not impossible. Here at Edenic Deals Pakistan, we help sellers put their suspended accounts back up for sale. We have a team of experts who have created a solid structure with the adequate preparation to support it. With our help, you can come back and sell your products / services soon with as little damage to your business as possible.

Amazon Suspended My Account. What Should I Do Now?

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Edenic deals Pakistan Gets You Reinstated and Back to Selling

Contact us for a free consultation about Amazon account suspension and if we are not able to reinstate your suspended account, we will not charge you. So, it will be a win-win situation and you will not have to lose anything if we are not able to help you.

Fixing Previous Issues

We create a plan of action to get you reinstated, after evaluating the root cause for the suspension. Before persuading Amazon to reverse the suspension decision, your account needs to be in the best standing possible. It means that we will resolve previous issues and notifications before you send an appeal to Amazon.


If your account suspension is performance-related, we work with you to correct the neutral and bad feedbacks and get the account metrics within Amazon’s targets before appealing. We identify the problematic areas and clarify the changes need to be made in the way you handle your Amazon account. We also write the appeal letter for you with the correct structure by focusing on identifying the problems, meanwhile building the solid arguments that Amazon requires.

Personalized Services

There are some companies which plug your data into a template appeal. Edenic deals Pakistan carefully handcrafts each appeal according to the root cause. Our experts provide the highest level of personalized services by thoroughly evaluating your business.

Leave the Hard Work to Us

When you are dealing with the account suspension, the last thing you will need to worry about is figuring out the language of Amazon. We take care of the process from the identification of issues, structuring a Plan of Action to building the appeal.