Edenic Deals Listing Optimization

Writing great copy that appeal to a client is only half the job. The other half is attractive to Amazons A9 algorithm. Edenic Deals goes a long way toward improving your Amazon sales, increasing your conversions, and ultimately increasing your profits.
Our team is made up of professionals and experts who are fully familiar with the rules that Amazon sets regarding the product listing. We adhere to the rules and guidelines set by Amazon and help you increase the visibility of your product and get the sales you need.
Provide engaging content that is precisely designed and tailored to your product, using the best keyword targeting techniques and sales language, we ensure that as many potential buyers as possible are converted to sales. Our listing optimization services include:

Extensive Keyword Research

We earn the most beneficial high volume and switching keyword to drive traffic by observing perception of the search result of consumers.

SEO Friendly Product Title

The title of a product is the first and most important information that your potential customers interact with. We create a robust, keyword-rich, SEO-friendly title for your product indexed by Amazon’s A9 algorithm, recommending all the important details of your product.
Optimized Backend Search Terms
To raise the discoverability and position of your product, we offer a detailed list of backend search items which consist of all the general and long-tail keywords.
Precise Product Research and Brand Presentation
Our expert take out detailed and extensive product research to create a exact yet informative as well as correct listing while presenting your brand in the best possible way, helping you build a loyal customer base.

Compelling Bullet Points and Description

We make appealing bullet points and description for you that points out the exclusive key features of your product, guiding the potential customers exactly why they should purchase your product.

SEO Certified Experts

Our team of SEO certified experts having several years of experience in making appealing, gainful, and exchangeable Amazon product listing creates listing for you.